Let me introduce myself.


My name is Laura Tolli and I was born in Melbourne in 1975. I grew up with my parents and my brother who is 3 years older. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been passionate God and all things pertaining to the spiritual life. I really wanted to know who Jesus was, beyond the scope of the Bible and how I could also live a life similar to his. I prayed to God, on my knees beside me bed, most nights, and asked for counsel and understanding. What I really wanted to know the most is how I could learn to be close to God and be loving and like Jesus. I would have relished in any information on such topics but received none. I desperately wanted to know what happens when we die, where we go and how to communicate with those who have passed.

All I heard though were scary stories about ghosts and haunted houses and séances. None of which answered my questions. I would desperately question my dad about God and didn’t understand how both my parents weren’t as curious to know the things I wanted to know. My dad told me once, “Laura why do you waste your time asking questions that you’re never going to get the answer for? I don’t ask those questions because no-one knows. It’ll drive you mad asking for things that you’ll never know the answers to. That’s why I don’t bother.” My mother never gave me a response that was memorable. In fact, maybe I never asked her because I knew she was not at all curious and interested in such matters.

When I was seven years old I had an apparition of a male standing beside my bed. I still remember it so clearly. He was wearing a red robe and had long brown hair. He just stood there looking at me, while I rubbed my eyes vigorously trying to make the figure go away. I realised that I was not dreaming or imaging it and then just looked at him. I felt calm and knew he would not hurt me. As he began to fade away and eventually disappeared, I ran to my parent’s bedroom and they told me it was just a dream. I knew they wouldn’t believe me.

I didn’t know who to talk to about it. I eventually saw the librarian at my primary school who wore a cross around her neck. I felt safe to talk to her and she validated my experience saying that it was possibly my guide or Jesus himself looking over me. She was quite surprised herself and told me that not everyone was fortunate enough to have someone appearing to them so clearly. She said I was special and at the time I felt it. I just knew that if anyone could find the answers to some of life’s great mysteries, it would be me.

Take note, this was a huge turning point in my life that shaped nearly every decision I made from here on. I can now see how this one event and how this one comment from a spiritual authority created a sense of not only purpose in my life, but a belief that I was somehow destined to be special and superior in these areas. This false belief was one day going to have to be shattered, as no child of God is more special or superior than others. I just didn’t have any idea how my life would be shaped in order to break down such a strong feeling inside my very soul.

At 19 years old I studied Reiki. I then studied Kinesiology for four years and then went on to travel the world learning and working with spiritual teachers. I spent four years intensively studying, living for months at a time or spending shorter periods of time in healing centres and ashrams in Bali, India, Hawaii, San Francisco, Israel, France, Egypt, Byron Bay and many others.

It is during this time overseas that I met a man who claimed to be a spiritually enlightened healer. His name is Padma Aon Prakasha and I have dedicated a whole separate section in this site to him and our time together.

In short though, after my lifelong search and quest to understand God and his universe, I was completely and utterly disillusioned. At 33 years old, all I felt I really learnt is what spiritually wasn’t and how low my self-esteem was.

In 2008 I began studying Art Therapy. I wanted to find a modality to connect more with myself without the dependence of a guru or teacher or someone in a position of power. With Art Therapy, it was really about me and the art creating process. The therapist is there for support and guidance when needed, but the therapy position is not one of inequality and dependency. More about Art Therapy another time.

In 2010 I was introduced to The Divine Truth teachings. When I had heard that the teachers were claiming to be Jesus and Mary Magdalene, yes you just read that correctly, THE Jesus of Nazareth from the Bible and Mary Magdalene from the same time, 2000 years ago, I thought it was insane. I had been on a ‘spiritual’ path, which now I can refer and call it a pseudo-spiritual path, for over 12 years. In this time I had come no closer to my understandings of God and the spiritual things, because each path, each teacher, lead to a person in authority abusing their position and a whole lot of followers being abused. I was one of many.

In a hastiness to reply, “Not interested in anyone claiming to be such things,” I had a sudden thought just drop into my mind, “But what if this is the real deal?” I had to discover for myself and knew that with all my experience I could quite confidently call the “Bullshit!” card quickly. I came home and searched, divinetruth.com. I watched a presentation made by Jesus called, The Secrets of the Universe. Here is that talk;

I felt it in the core of my soul that this man not only knew but was an expert on spiritual matters and of God and God’s Truth. I didn’t trust the Jesus identity part yet, but I couldn’t get enough of the information he presented and read and watched everything he’d done. My husband inquired what I was reading so enthusiastically. I thought, “Oh God, this is probably going to be a deal-breaker. He’s going to think I’m crazy.” He was surprisingly open and watched the first presentation. Like me, he felt something so humble in the presenter and so loving and pure and truthful in the material. Jesus and Mary were coming to our hometown in Melbourne and without hesitation, we went to meet them. There’ll be a lot more said about Jesus and Mary in our time together because they are a huge part of my life.

Currently, I have three businesses and I am studying a Bachelor Degree in Counselling Psychology and then completing my Masters of Art Therapy at University. My passions include learning about the soul and how operates, and the impact of suppressed emotions and how it affects our physical body as well as our psychological health. If I could imagine any dream career and area of study, it would be to scientifically prove that unexpressed emotions are the primary source of every single dis-ease and disorder in the human body. Here is the most comprehensive information on the soul that is currently available on the planet. I hope you can take the time to listen;

I am also a mother and as you know a wife. I have a 10-year-old daughter Isha and a step-daughter Millana who is 14. Fabio is every bit as fabulous as his name suggests! Fab is my best friend and soulmate and I feel so grateful to be with such a beautiful, kind, passionate, creative and loving man. He really is that awesome to me. We support each other in our growth to be more truthful and loving human beings, in the best way we currently are aware of. With that goal comes its challenges, as truth brings up so many fears and pain, but we persevere and always feel grateful that the truth was shared. More about truth in relationships another day.

Well, that’s a little about me but they’ll be plenty more to share as time goes on. As my good friends, Raj and Suz always say, referring to how quickly time goes by, “See you in 5 minutes!”