Art Therapy

I graduated from my Diploma in Art Therapy in 2009. It was a two year full time course and I absolutely loved every minute of it. At the time I decided to study it, I’d just returned to Melbourne from London with my two month old daughter Isha. I had just left an abusive relationship … More Art Therapy

Cleaning and Me.

In 2014 Fab and I started our maintenance business called Fab Maintenance.  At the time we were living in a small country town in rural NSW. We began to do maintenance work for a few of the local real-estate agents. We did mainly painting, as Fab was had been a painter for 20 years, but … More Cleaning and Me.

Messy parts

I’m new to wordpress. I’m still trying to figure it all out, how to navigate my way around, how to imbed media, add my photos and change certain fonts etc. My writings usually begin with all my thoughts vomiting out on the page without any censorship on my part, before I edit and publish them. Basically, … More Messy parts