Testimonial: Carol Marie Orlick

Testimonial / Feb 21, 2018
Belmont, CA USA
Carol Marie Orlick

This testimonial regards the abusive actions of a public figure – Vikas Sharma aka Padma Aon Prakasha, an author and publicly described ‘spiritual’ teacher.

My name is Carol Marie, but I was known from Sept/2007 – Nov/2009 as MaRa.

I became aware of Padma through an article in an Australian periodical in the spring of 2007, an excerpt from what was to become his book – ‘The Christ Blueprint’. At that time, I felt it to be a very powerful piece. I seem to remember that he was scheduled the next month or so for a weekend seminar in Northern California. As I was living and working on the Big Island of Hawaii, I sent an email to him inquiring if he might be scheduling time in Hawaii as well in the future.

Padma responded immediately, writing: “Where have you been?… I’ve been waiting for you… We have much work to do, and you need five transmissions from me immediately to get you ready for our work. I will discount them all for you, as it is so important for you to have them.” That was in April or May/2007.

Everything he wrote felt to align with my own soul’s sense that there was something of importance that I came here to assist in creating. Long before Padma and I connected, there had been seers in my life who had all spoken of the work I came to do, writing, teaching, and assisting in bringing balance to the energies of Light/Dark and Masculine/Feminine. Thus I chose to experience his transmissions, unwittingly stepping more fully into his snare. I received one a week for 5 weeks. They were very powerful remote energy transmissions, unlike anything that I had ever experienced before.

In subsequent communications through the summer of 2007, I shared with Padma all of my experiences on the Big Island of Hawaii with the dolphins & whales, and with the Hawaiian goddesses Pele, Poliahu, Lilinoi, and Haumea. I spoke of my elder Hawaiian teacher, who was my landlord and known as the ‘Kumu’ of Mauna Kea. Since I could not take the time to travel to Northern California, I suggested that I could create a gathering with him on the Big Island. He jumped at the suggestion, and I became more fully hooked.

After creating the two “Womb of the World” gatherings in Sept/2007 & Jan/2008 in Kona, my home on the Big Island of Hawaii, I accepted his invitation to serve in the role of being the interface for him – his assistant with the ‘public’, even before the publication of ‘The Christ Blueprint’.

In Jan/2008, I do remember him forbidding me to have any further communication with his partner, the mother of his new daughter, as he was separating from her. I understood much later that this was his tactic of keeping those who are close to him from communicating with one another, as the truth of his lies, manipulations, and abuse might possibly be shared and the greater reality of his true nature uncovered.

I am 24 years his senior, and thus never personally experienced any of Padma’s sexual advances, manipulations, harassment, or abuse during those two years, though I was a witness to the many lovers he engaged, of whom I subsequently realized had each suffered in varying ways and degrees as a result of their relationship with him.

Instead, I was the ‘mother-figure’- MaRa – the one who even he sensed might bring light & balance to his darker patriarchal tendencies. Padma played me like a violin, using the tolerance, compassion, empathy, sensitivity, forgiveness, and spiritual intuition I had developed in my many years as if it was his, and I was caught in the delusion and illusion of serving my ‘teacher’ by allowing myself to be played. I justified or defended his behavior as “the tough love of the Guru”, the destruction before the rebirth.

I was wrong to ignore the many times Padma belittled & humiliated me, privately & publicly, as well as all the others he abused verbally or emotionally, all there with the earnest desire to learn from him. I was wrong to be in such denial of the truth of his unloving, manipulating, and vampiric nature, and the true nature of many of the spirits surrounding him and engaged during that time.

I did have the experience, just as did many others, with Padma taking what I’d written, changing it a bit, and then bringing it forward and claiming it as his own. I watched him do this in my home in Hawaii with his own writing. I had a spiritual library of over 300 books, the writings of both the living and the dead. He used their inspirations, concepts, and teachings, taking from one, adding to it from another, over & over again. Then it went through his process of digestion & regurgitation, sprinkled with mythology & fantasy, to form his own ideology. Sometimes there was credit given, but many times there was not.

As I’ve taken time in these past three weeks to recall and remember, I can see more clearly those times where I became a servant of his harshness in my presence with others. I can remember occasions where I could feel darker spirits moving through me. I remember the beginnings of my questioning within as to “What the —— am I doing here?”, and I would hear: ” have patience, there is a reason you are here, and it won’t be for much longer…”

After questioning Padma on many things, especially during my last few months, and then being threatened, I stepped away from the ‘Circle of 22′. Dissolving myself from any presence with that first ’teacher training’ circle in mid-Nov/2009, I then removed my name and Bio from the Christ Blueprint website, and changed my passwords on my gmail & any other accounts that he may have had access to. He came at me viciously with a barrage of email attacks and threats. I also realized that he would never be responsible ( as he always said he would ) for possible taxes that would be due on his income having moved through my own financial accounts from Jan/2008 – Nov/2009. I kept records of all the wire transfers of the over $110,000. that I unwittingly ‘laundered’ for Padma during that time.

After ending all my connections to Padma, I threw out the two books that had been published – ‘The Christ Blueprint’ and ‘The Power of Shakti, and deleted ‘all the ‘practices’ and ‘teachings’ that I had on my computer.

In Dec/2009 and Jan/2010, I took the time to feel through all my rage, anger, shame, and grief regarding Padma, and then took time to heal & rebalance, spending 5 weeks at the Montserrat monastery in Spain. I took responsibility for my own errors in judgment, for supporting what I now felt and understood to be a ‘false teacher’, by emailing apologies to the many with whom I engaged in teaching & reflecting, and with the many ‘Christ Blueprint’ transmissions I conducted during that time.

I am grateful for those two years, as all experience is an opportunity to learn & grow, and paves the way for our next experience. It was a valuable lesson in discernment, letting me know that someone is not necessarily in truth with how they may present themselves to be.

It was in May of 2009 that the Crystalline Rainbow Ray came to me, when I was in solitude during our group trip to Peru, first in Machu Pichu, then on Isla del Sol in Lake Titikaka, and then again during our group trip to Egypt in Sept/2009 while in the Isis Pyramid – the middle pyramid. It was there to assist me in what became a 6-month unveiling of the truth regarding Padma, which then led to ending my journey with him in Nov/2009.

Padma knew that he could not engage or co-opt the Crystalline Rainbow Ray, nor has he been able to interfere with it. It has no connection to him or the spirits surrounding him, as it creates a field of Love & Grace that neither he nor those spirits can enter while in their current state.

Thus in January 2010, I created my own website: ‘Harmonic Gatherings’ and set my path to serve and assist others these past 8 years. I have been blessed to respond to and freely assist many with reflections and temporary clearing transmissions, after having severed their connections to Padma and his teachings, and always in support of their own inner work to regain clarity and balance.

In participating and supporting this group’s gathering of factual first-person testimonials of experiencing varying types & degrees of abuse & manipulation while engaged with Padma and his ‘teachings’ or ‘courses’ as he now calls them, and possibly taking it public, we will be informing and perhaps saving others from possibly having to experience this as well.