Introduction for testimonies of abuse from Padma Aon Prakasha.

I wrote this introduction for a Facebook page that Pierre Joseph and I started on March the 13th 2018. Due to Padma’s request that Facebook remove my testimony, and only mine, I created a wordpress site as a means to post my testimony in a public platform. This wordpress site contains a section dedicated to the cause and will include the testimonials of others who were also victims of abuse by Padma. The other section of this site is the sharing of my own personal experiences and who I am.

This introduction is directly from the Facebook page which you can visit here if you have a FB account.

Facebook Page for Testimonies of abuse from Padma Aon Prakasha



This page is dedicated to the factual testimonies of people who have been physically, sexually or emotionally abused by Padma Aon Prakasha. Each member of this group has freely chosen to share their testimonials abiding to the following criteria;

  1. Identify yourself honestly and openly providing your full birth name, (and other names known by) and contact details.
  2. Write your testimony as factually as you can remember.
  3. Be prepared to speak up in a public manner.
  4. Testimonies that are attacking towards Padma Aon Prakasha or show no personal responsibility for the attraction to him, will not be published on this page.

Padma Aon Prakasha is a public figure known as an international spiritual teacher, healer and author of spiritual books: ‘The Power of Shakti,’ ‘Womb Wisdom,’ ‘Sacred Relationships,’ ‘The Christ Blueprint’, ‘The Nine Eyes of Light: Ascension Keys from Egypt,’ ‘Dimensions of Love,’ and ‘Sacred Wounds: Original Innocence.’

His biography on the Amazon website reads;

‘Padma Aon Prakasha is an evolutionary author, visionary creative force and spiritual teacher. Padma holds the power of great change and transformation, and is part of the new generation of evolutionary guides. He combines all his multiple lineage initiations, teachings and skills into being a powerful catalyst for soul expansion. His ability to tap into the heart of the ancient mysteries and articulate their modern day message is renowned, and he has been described as, “Unique, provocative, fresh, full of profound integrity, knowledge and experience.’

Padma is described by other well-known spiritual teachers in public domains in the following way;

“Padma Aon Prakasha is a rare find. He has the unique ability to transport your body, mind and soul to the next octave of consciousness with his words of wisdom, heartfelt questions, and vast love for everyone he meets.”

“Power of Shakti is a book of hope and healing. It gives us the keys to heal the old wound resulting from the repression of the feminine power of the world”

Since 1997, Padma has taught in over 20 countries worldwide.

Padma claims to assist others to deepen their connection with the Divine and develop a loving connection with yourself, with your partner, and with the world around.”

For those of us who have publicly shared our testimonials, we would like to express the purpose and our intentions of contributing in this way.

Although each person testifying here has known Padma at different times, come from different countries, are varied in age group and have often never met in person, we all have similar desires and similar emotional injuries that attracted Padma into our lives.

We all had a strong desire to seek a spiritually powerful man who claimed to have the gift to heal our emotional wounds, which could ultimately enable us to reach our full potential and connect with God. We willingly gave him our power, and due the unhealed emotional injuries within us, allowed ourselves to be controlled and abused. For the women who testify here, many have been sexually abused by Padma. These women are initially attracted to him due to their need to feel special, feel sexually pure, (most have some sexual trauma from their childhood), and to be attached to a man whom they believe is spiritually powerful. He does not need to revert to rape, because he gains control over these women and they willingly give themselves to him. Padma gains power over women by telling them that he can heal their wombs and open them up to greater freedom, joy and spiritual fulfilment.

As each of us looked up to him as someone with authority and superior to us, we unconsciously affirmed our own deep sense of inferiority and feelings of unworthiness, which came from our early childhood experiences.

The decision to create this platform for individuals to share their testimonials was inspired by AJ Miller and Mary Luck. More can be found out about them and their teachings on  Padma was introduced to these teachings in 2010. Padma uses many of these truths shared on Divine Truth and teaches them as his own. Very often he has plagiarized from AJ Miller and manipulated the teachings for his own personal gain. The Divine Truth teachings have inspired and facilitated the healing of several individuals who have been abused by Padma and who have testified. If it weren’t for these two individuals, this platform would not exist and many of us would not have had the courage, or gone through the necessary healing, in order to write our testimonials.

The intention of going public is that when others, who are seeking a spiritual teacher or healer, do an internet search, they are able to find factual information warning them about Padma and his abuse of so many students and partners.

This platform does not support attacking Padma or intentionally setting out to harm him. We wish to protect any violent attacks on Padma, or any other person, by the public and because of this choose to make this page a viewing platform only. It is not open to comments, personal opinions, gossip, speculation, propaganda, or any unloving behaviour towards Padma or those who testify.

Padma has been given direct feedback consistently over the last 10 years. Everything that is shared here has been stated to Padma in the hope that he chooses to take loving actions. When people speak up and share the truth about him, he becomes violently rageful, attacking them in every possible way, and frightening them with threats of spirit attacks. This is also why many others do not wish to come forward and testify. They are very afraid of him.

All of us who have shared our stories are prepared for this potential attack, not only from Padma but from his followers who remain loyal to him. We have compassion for those who are still entrenched in his teachings and remain willingly in co-dependent abusive relationships with him. All of us understand the overwhelming desire to get our own addictions met; the need to feel special, important, powerful, healed, validated and worthy. When we want this so badly, we can do almost anything to have it met.

We would like to acknowledge the courage and remarkable bravery that we have all come to know in following through with this process. Every testimonial is precious and every soul has made one major step from spiritual blindness to some degree of clarity. We wish the same for everyone reading this and we pray with all our heart that your journey to find spiritual fulfilment and healing be kind, compassionate, gentle and loving. “By their actions they shall be known.”


Note; for those of you who are in need of support or would like to connect with any person who has testified, all email addresses are provided. If you are sending emails to verbally attack or threaten us in any way, your email will receive no response and may be published here on this page for public viewing.


Please note, all testimonials are strictly for the purpose and use for this Facebook page only. No part of these testimonials may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the person testifying.